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Lead and Copper Monitoring Program

The Village of Mackinaw City conducts Lead and Copper Testing pursuant to the Federal Lead and Copper Rules (LCR).

The purpose of the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) is to protect public health by minimizing lead and copper levels in drinking water, primarily by reducing corrosivity. Lead and copper enter drinking water mainly from corrosion of lead and copper containing plumbing materials. The rule establishes an action level (AL) of 0.015 milligrams per liter (mg/L) for lead and 1.3 mg/L for copper based on 90th percentile level of tap water samples. An action level exceedance is not a violation but triggers other requirements to minimize exposure to lead and copper in drinking water, that include water quality parameter monitoring, corrosion control treatment, source water monitoring/treatment, public education, and lead service line replacement. All community water supplies and nontransient noncommunity water supplies are subject to the LCR requirements.

The original LCR was promulgated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on June 7, 1991. The LCR underwent minor revisions on January 12, 2000 and short term regulatory revisions and clarifications on October 10, 2007.

Please access the Village’s Water Consumer Confidence Report to review the most recent monitoring results for Lead and Copper on the Water Quality Reports.




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