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1 - Alexander Henry Park

Located at the northern end of Henry St. this park provides the best view of the Mackinac Bridge and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This facility is linked to the State Historic Park sites by a gorgeous 1,800-foot waterfront walkway. The Park is filled with interpretive displays, landscaping, picnic accommodations, and restrooms. The park provides access to Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse ( and Colonial Michilimackinac (

Alexander Henry Park was built in 1987. The Park was a joint construction project between the Village’s Department of Public Works and the State of Michigan’s Mackinac State Historic Parks (MSHP) Commission. The Village of Mackinaw City received partial funding for this project from the Coastal Zone Management Program. This park provides perhaps the best view of the Mackinac Bridge and Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the Village. This facility is linked to a park area operated by MSHP providing access to a 1,800 lineal foot waterfront walkway, which was constructed by the Village in 1995 with Coastal Zone Grant Funding. The Park is filled with interpretive displays, landscaping and picnic accommodations. An inventory follows:

  • Historical shipping buoy from the St. Mary's River
  • Eight (8) park benches
  • One (1) handicap accessible picnic table
  • Four (4) picnic tables
  • Three (3) telescopes courtesy of local Lions Club
  • Four (4) trash receptacles
  • One (1) drinking fountain
  • One (1) kiosk
  • Six (6) interpretive historical kiosks
  • Full-size wood carving of Alexander Henry

Accessibility Rating: 4 (all of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
Alexander Henry Park features many accessible features. Routes to and around the park, handicap-accessible parking, proper signage, accessible benches and accessible picnic tables are all features of Alexander Henry Park.

2 - Arnold Transit Company Park

This is the perfect downtown location to relax while others are shopping. There is a swing set, slide, picnic tables, and benches. There is no bathroom or water at the park but they are nearby at Village Hall and on DuCharme Street. An inventory of existing items is as follows:

  • Two (2) swing sets
  • One (1) teeter-totter
  • One (1) slide
  • Three (3) picnic tables
  • Two (2) park benches
  • Two (2) trash receptacles

Accessibility Rating: 1 (none of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
The Arnold Transit Co. playground does not have any features which are accessible to those with disabilities. There is no ground-level playground equipment present, and the playground ground surface is sand and grass. No wheelchair-accessible routes are available into the playground; the entire parcel is grass or sand. Picnic tables present on the property are not accessible and located away from paved areas.

 3 - Conkling Heritage Park

Located just north of the Straits Harbor Conkling Heritage Park is the location of the Performance Shell and events area. This park also offers a handicapped accessible picnic table and an observation deck for viewing over the lake. The park hosts our free concert series each summer and many other community events.

Conkling Heritage Park is a park formed under a cooperative effort between the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Parks and Recreation Division and the Village. Established by a 30-year lease between the State and the Village, Conkling Heritage Park provides the residents and visitors of Mackinaw City with over 500 feet of waterfront access along South Huron Avenue.

The Park includes the following facilities:

  • Carving of Edgar Conkling
  • Performance Shell
  • Observation Deck overlooking the State of Michigan marina
  • Bell tower/ Sound booth
  • Five (5) park benches
  • One (1) Historic Pathway Marker
  • Three (3) trash receptacles
  • Concrete paved sidewalks

Accessibility Rating: 4 (all of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
Conkling Heritage Park features paved walkways, some benches, and an observation deck, which can support the recreational needs of those with disabilities. The performance shell itself is entirely compliant with accessibility guidelines.

4 - Maritime Park

This Park provides waterfront access and is located on North Huron Avenue across from Depeyster Street.

  • One (1) trash receptacle
  • One (1) picnic table
  • Three (3) interpretive historical kiosks
  • Landscaping

Accessibility Rating: 3 (most of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
Depeyster Park features an accessible route into the park as well as accessible routes leading to and from the park. The park also features accessible benches; Disabled individuals may also find difficulty accessing the sand beachfront.

5 - Fishing and Observation Pier

This dock juts 1,100 feet into Lake Huron and offers views of the waterfront from all sides. It has recently been renovated with a walking trail, benches, and information markers. The small wind turbines power many of the marina’s facilities. The dock provides views of the Mackinac Bridge, the islands and boat traffic entering and exiting the Village. The park provides excellent photo opportunities. Below is an inventory of the site:

  • Twelve (12) fish cribs
  • Two (2) pier structures - sun protection
  • Five (5) benches with backs
  • Thirty-one (31) backless benches
  • Four (4) trash receptacles
  • Eight (8) Victorian lanterns
  • Three (3) handicap accessible picnic tables
  • One (1) yardarm style flagpole
  • One (1) dedication bronze plaque
  • One (1) telescope
  • Twelve (12) tie lines
  • Public Restrooms

Accessibility Rating: 4 (all facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
The Fishing and Observation Pier meets all guidelines for such recreational facilities as set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Fishing Pier features an accessible walkway and railings, which can be used for walking assistance or safety rails.

Grant History:

Project No. TF88-181 Mackinaw City Pier
Year: 1988
Items Constructed:

  • Renovate Pier
  • Lighting and electrical
  • Bridge
  • Pier shelters
  • Water supply
  • Landscaping

All items remain in good condition.

6 - Gary Williams Park

Gary Williams Memorial Park was formerly known as Sinclair Park. The park was renamed in honor of a departed Village Council member. The park is located along North Huron Avenue providing waterfront views.

  • One (1) trash receptacle
  • One (1) telescope courtesy of local Lions Club
  • Two (2) picnic tables
  • Two (2) interpretive historical kiosks
  • Landscaping

Accessibility Rating: 3 (most of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
Gary Williams Memorial Park, although small, is mostly accessible through the provision of accessible routes into the park.

7 - Heritage Village

The Mackinaw Area Historical Society has gathered or replicated buildings representing the history of this area during the important transitional period from 1880, when the first railroads arrived in Mackinaw, to 1917, when the United States entered the First World War.  Heritage Village located on W Central Avenue, across from the Headlands, includes the Mackinaw City Pest House; a one-room schoolhouse from Freedom, Michigan; a church and a log house from Bliss, Michigan; a replicated farm house; a building housing a sawmill from the Sault Locks; a vintage baseball field and Community Gardens.  There is also an Anishinaabe presence exhibit that includes a Plank House, a medicine wheel and a Longhouse.  Plans are underway to add a barn, general store and a railroad presence on site.  Events held at Heritage Village throughout the year include the plowing of the fields in May; the Historic Festival held in August; a Native American Ghost Supper that is held in October; Fright Night in October; Christmas in Mackinaw in December and a Sugar Bush demonstration held in March.

The Heritage Village/Nature Park was purchased as part of the Headlands Park transaction funded by the DNR Trust Fund, Emmet County, The Shotz Foundation, Little Traverse Conservancy, the McCormick Foundation and the Village of Mackinaw City in 1995. The property was made available to the Mackinaw Area Historical Society for development of Heritage Village in 2006.  In 2014 a private donor gifted approximately 100 acres to the Mackinaw Area Historical Society adjacent to Heritage Village.  This land, known as the May Woods, is being maintained naturally with hiking and cross-country ski trails available to the public.  The grounds and facilities are maintained by volunteers.  In addition to the buildings listed above the park also includes the following facilities:

  • Two storage buildings
  • ¾ mile nature trail system
  • Seven (7) nature trail information markers
  • One (1) water well
  • Men’s and women’s porta johns
  • Two (2) horseshoe pits
  • West and East naturalized parking lots

Accessibility Rating: 3 (most of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
The Heritage Village/nature Park is a developing park with limited facilities. Most of the buildings located at the park are handicap accessible. The drives within the park are compacted gravel and the trail areas are smooth compacted soil. The park is in need of a graveled handicap accessible parking area.

8 - Indian Pathways Park

This park was developed with the cooperation of the Michigan Department of Transportation. The State allowed the Village of Mackinaw City to build on this property, which is immediately adjacent to the Interstate 75 corridor, a landscaped picnicking park. This area was beautified by the Village of Mackinaw City Department of Public Works and the Mackinaw City Garden Club. This park is utilized not only by the Village of Mackinaw City residents, but also by travelers looking for a pleasant place to enjoy an outdoor break and great view of the bridge. The following is an inventory of the facilities at Indian Pathways.

The following items are located within the Indian Pathways Park facility:

  • Five (5) park benches
  • Three (3) picnic tables
  • Four (4) trash receptacles
  • One (1) grill
  • One (1) drinking fountain
  • Flower beds and landscaping
  • Two (2) interpretive historical kiosks
  • One (1) flagpole with American and Canadian flags

Accessibility Rating: 3 (most of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
Indian Pathways Park has accessible routes to the park, but no paved walkways serve the park, meaning that the picnic tables and other facilities are inaccessible to disabled individuals.

9 - McRae Nature Park

McRae Nature Park is an undeveloped park located on Michigan Department of Transportation property bounded by state highways. One of the Village’s newest parks, this facility features a 500-foot wood-chip trail offering views of wetland area and an opportunity to view small wildlife. The trail was developed by volunteers, including a local Girl Scout Troop. There are no items to be inventoried present at McRae Park.

Accessibility Rating: 2(some of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
McRae Nature Park is primarily undeveloped and therefore lacks features such as parking areas, and other facilities, which support the recreational needs of the disabled.

10 - Municipal Marina

This facility was built and constructed using Federal and State funds. The Marina is a harbor of refuge for transient vessels using the Straits area. Shower and bathroom facilities are available for those docking at the Marina. The Marina lawn provides a gathering place for community events, band concerts, and other such activities. A monument is located on the Marina lawn memorializing Mackinaw City’s war veterans. The facilities feature restrooms and shower facilities, an indoor boater recreation area, and a boater information center with Internet access. This Park is home to three civil war cannons from the USS Hartford, which played an important role in the battle for New Orleans.

A brief inventory of Marina facilities is as follows:

  • One hundred-four (104) boat slips
  • Restroom and shower facilities for transient boaters
  • One (1) restroom facility for the general public
  • Boater information center
  • Boater recreation room
  • Electrical hookup capabilities.
  • Pump-out facilities
  • Fuel facilities
  • Veterans Memorial
  • Two (2) interpretive historical kiosks

Accessibility Rating: 4 (all facilities/open areas meet accessibility guidelines)
The Marina has been constructed in strict compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Marina features slips, which are entirely accessible, handicap-accessible launch ramps, appropriate parking spaces, and all shower and restroom facilities are accessible.

11 - Old School Park


The Village of Mackinaw City purchased the property on which Old School Park is located from the Mackinaw Public Schools in 1984. The property is the former site of the Mackinaw City Elementary and High Schools. The Village of Mackinaw City purchased the property for the purpose of developing a neighborhood park. The park was developed using Village resources. Over $18,000 was raised for the construction of the playground, which was constructed using volunteer labor and dedicated on September 28, 1996. The park forms a center for community and visitor activities, especially those of children.

Below is an inventory of park amenities at the site.

  • 70' x 46’ Play Structure
  • Four (4) spring toys
  • One (1) five-place swing set
  • One (1) backhoe digger
  • One (1) wooden bicycle rack
  • Three (3) trash receptacles
  • Five (5) picnic tables
  • Six (6) park benches
  • Three (3) Victorian lanterns
  • One (1) picnic pavilion
  • One (1) historic display plaque
  • One (1) drinking fountain
  • One (1) basketball court
  • Two (2) backboards/rims
  • One (1) backhoe slide
  • One (1) bulldozer
  • Two (2) memorial plaques
  • Concrete pathways
  • Light landscaping and open areas
  • Life size carving of Perry Darrow

Accessibility Rating: 3 (most of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
Old School Park and associated playgrounds have some accessible features, but the accessibility of the park could be improved. The park has accessible routes, with paved walkways leading both to and around the park area. Drinking fountains, benches, and ground-level play structures are accessible features of the park. The park contains a covered picnic pavilion area, which is accessible, but the playground surface is sand, which is not compatible with wheelchair usage.

12 - Recreation Complex

The Mackinaw City Recreation Complex is the Village’s primary community park servicing the needs of participants in organized recreational activities. The Recreation Complex is used by the Village of Mackinaw City School District as a home field for baseball and softball activities. These fields also service the Mackinaw City Little League teams, and men’s and coed softball leagues. The Recreation Center is also home ice for the Mackinaw City Skating Association. The facility, with its locker room and ice making facilities, host dozens of hockey teams throughout the northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. The tennis courts are used by the school district for tennis instruction and are also enjoyed by residents and tourists alike.
The Mackinaw City Recreation Complex is a facility that provides an important economic impact to the Village. This is especially true concerning the skating facility and use for large recreational events.

Currently, the following facilities exist in the outdoor portions of the Mackinaw City Recreation Complex:

  • One (1) illuminated softball field with dugouts, permanent fencing and electric scoreboard
  • One (1) concession stand with elevated scorer/announcers table
  • One (1) non-illuminated softball and little league field with dugouts
  • Portable spectator bleachers
  • Four (4) regulation tennis courts and practice wall with high-back fencing.
  • One (1) asphalt basketball court with backboards/rims
  • One (1) illuminated ice skating rink
  • One (1) men/women restroom building
  • One (1) picnic pavilion and barbecue pit area
  • One (1) non-illuminated regulation baseball/softball field with dugouts, scoreboard and concession stand/scoring table
  • Miscellaneous playground equipment
  • Eight (8) picnic tables
  • Four (4) grills
  • Three (3) drinking fountain

Additionally, the following facilities exist inside the Mackinaw City Recreation Center:
One (1) illuminated ice skating rink with ice making system, locker room facilities and meeting rooms. The facility hosts organized events and activities throughout the year.

  • One (1) seated leg press
  • One (1) pressing station
  • One (1) fly station
  • One (1) cycle machine
  • One (1) elliptical cycle machine
  • One (1) stair-stepping machine
  • One (1) free-weight set
  • One (1) bench press machine
  • Six (6) free-standing basketball hoops
  • Two (2) drinking fountains
  • Eight (8) trash receptacles
  • Three showers
  • Men’s and women’s restrooms
  • Unisex restrooms
  • Free-standing lockers
  • Two (2) Wall-mounted television
  • One (1) Zamboni ice maintenance vehicle
  • Walking Track

Accessibility Rating: 4 (all of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
The Recreation Center was constructed according to the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The interior of the Recreation Center is compliant with the guidelines of the act. The exterior sections of the Recreation Complex are also largely compliant with a few exceptions. Access to the playing fields for disabled participants and spectators is limited due to no paved route leading to the fields. Additionally, there is no route to the basketball court, no ground level playground equipment exists, and the playground surface is sand.

Grant History:

Project No. BF93-189 Recreation Complex Improvement
Year: 1993

  • Items Constructed:
  • Reconstructed (2) tennis courts and constructed (2) new tennis courts
  • Reconstructed little league field
  • Paved parking lot
  • Reconstructed Basketball court
  • Paved walkways

All items are currently in good to excellent condition.

Project No. CM99-094 Indoor Ice/Recreation Facility
Year: 1999
Items Constructed:

  • Indoor recreation center with ice rink.

The indoor ice arena remains in excellent condition with heavy annual use.

13 - Nancy Dagwell Campbell Park

The Village of Mackinaw City purchased Campbell Park from a private property owner using Michigan Department of Natural Resources grant funding. The park is dedicated to Nancy Campbell, and is located along North Huron Avenue between Sinclair and Depeyster Streets.

  • Landscaping
  • One (1) picnic table
  • One (1) interpretive historical kiosk

Accessibility Rating: 1 (none of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
Straits View Park is a preserved open grassy area along the waterfront and therefore is not accessible by disabled persons. There is no accessible route into the park and none of the park furniture is accessible due to its location on the grass.

Grant History:
Project No. TF90-286 Deliyandes Property
Year: 1990
Acquisition of 0.27 acres adjacent to Village Park.

The park is currently being used as a waterfront pocket park and open green space.

14 - Village Beaches

Two public beach sites are also operated and maintained by the Village. These beaches are located approximately one-half mile west of the Village of Mackinaw City limits along Cecil Bay on Wilderness Park Drive. The Village of Mackinaw City maintains the lakefront properties at which the beaches are located under lease agreements with Wawatam Township and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Public restroom facilities are available at each site. The beaches are sandy with shallow water.

Accessibility Rating: 2 (some of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
Mackinaw City’s public beaches are largely undeveloped and therefore lack features, which allow for accessibility by those with disabilities. The beaches lack appropriate accessibility in the parking areas, ground surface, and walkways between the parking lots restrooms and beaches.

15 - Wawatam Park

Wawatam Park was also partially constructed with Coastal Zone Management Funds. The Village of Mackinaw City has transformed the water tower and sanitary sewer lift station site into a very appealing waterside park. The park provides views of Mackinac Island, the marina, and the Bridge. The park provides picnic facilities and a playground for children as well as a carving of Chief Wawatam, one of the Village’s forefathers. Both residents and guests use Wawatam Park.

A detailed inventory is as follows:

  • Two (2) park benches
  • Ten (10) picnic tables
  • Four (4) trash receptacles
  • Two (2) grills
  • Three (3) telescopes courtesy of local Lions Club
  • One (1) drinking fountain
  • One (1) public restroom
  • Miscellaneous playground equipment
  • Eight (8) interpretive historical kiosks
  • One (1) bell

Accessibility Rating: 3 (most of the facilities/park areas meet accessibility guidelines)
Wawatam Park has accessible routes, including paved walkways, and accessible drinking fountains. However, many of the interpretive displays are located in grassy areas as are picnic tables, park benches, and playground equipment. The beach is not accessible for disabled individuals, and the parking area does not have any designated spaces for disabled individuals.

Grant History:
Project No. 26-01152 Mackinaw City Lakeshore Development
Year: 1980

  • Items Constructed:
  • Restroom
  • Play equipment
  • Sidewalks to restroom
  • Landscaping

All items constructed remain in good to excellent condition.

16 - Fort Michilimackinac

Mackinaw City residents and visitors have access to a number of recreation facilities, which are not maintained by the Village. The Mackinac State Historic Parks Commission operates Colonial Michilimackinac and Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse within the Village limits; Mill Creek Discovery Park and various facilities on Mackinac Island are nearby. Mackinac State Historic Parks estimates that over 100,000 people visit the attractions located in Mackinaw City.

For more information visit:

17 & 18 - North Central State Trailhead & Trail

The Village has partnered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on the construction and maintenance of the Mackinaw City Trailhead and trail system within the Village. The Trailhead serves two Department of Natural Resources multi-use trails and offers recreation opportunities for hiking, biking, snowmobiling, and more. The trail within the Village limits is paved. Gravel trails extend beyond the boundaries of the Village to other locations in northern Michigan as far as Petoskey, Cheboygan, Alpena, Gaylord and all points in between. A portion of these trails are also part of the North Country Trail System. It is expected that these trails will be further developed to other portions of the state.

The Trailhead site features:

  • parking area
  • informational kiosk
  • restrooms
  • showers
  • picnic pavilion
  • bicycle parking

19 - McGulpin Point Lighthouse

Emmet County owns and operates McGulpin’s Point Lighthouse Park in the Village limits. McGulpin’s Point Lighthouse house was constructed in 1868 and operated until the construction of the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse and fog signal station in 1892. The Lighthouse was in private ownership from 1906 to 2008 when it was purchased by Emmet County, renovated and open to the public for tours.

For more information visit:

Headlands Park

Located immediately west of the Village is Emmet County’s Headlands Park, featuring 600 wooded acres and over 12,000 feet of lakefront. The Headlands Park offers one of the most breath taking views of Lake Michigan and is currently being considered as a National Dark Skies Preserve.

For more information visit:



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