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The following are a few rules and regulations at the Mackinaw City Marina which will make everyone's stay a pleasant one:
  • Check out time is 11:00 a.m.
  • The shower rooms have combination locks.
  • If you have a vehicle which you want to park in the marina parking lot, you must get a permit from the marina office.
  • Please keep all pets on a leash. A dog run is provided near the ramp area. Should your pet have an accident elsewhere, please pick it up.
  • Please grill in designated areas. The use of charcoal grills or open flame burners is not allowed on boats at dock or on the dock.
  • Each slip is provided with one electrical outlet. if you require additional hook-ups, please make arrangements with marina staff.
  • A garbage dumpster is located on the south side of the parking lot near the ramp. Please do not leave garbage on the docks or in the small cans on the marina grounds.
  • No bicycle riding, skateboarding, or in-line skating on the docks or on the grounds.
  • Transient dockage must be paid in advance. No refunds will be given.
  • Any vessel in the harbor at 7:00 a.m. when the marina opens will be charged fro overnight.
  • The harbormaster reserves the right to assign slips and/or move any vessel in the harbor for the safety, convenience, and efficient operation of the harbor.
  • Because we frequently have to raft boats off the ends of our docks, we must insist that no portion of any vessel extend beyond the length of its slip without the consent of a marina employee.
  • No swimming is allowed in the harbor.
  • No cleaning of fish is allowed in the harbor.
  • If you have paid for dockage for the upcoming night, but you plan to temporarily vacate your slip, you must inform the office of your plans. Also, it is recommended that you tie a line across the slip to indicate that it is occupied.
  • No commercial activities shall be conducted in the harbor without the written permissions of the Village of mackinaw city.
  • If your boat is being rafted and you wish to move into a slip, make certain that your name is put on the waiting list for transient slips. This is only done when you request it.
  • If you plan to leave your boat at the marina and not be in residence, you must let us know in the office. This is particularly important if your boat is rafted out


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